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The following raisin figures are for sale at the prices indicated.  Please E-Mail us to confirm availability and hold them for you. 

Valentine set of 2 raisins (male and female) holding hearts (PIX) $15/Pr.
Christmas set of 2 raisins (red hat & candycane) $15/Pr.
Post Raisin Bran Issue set of 4 $15/Set
Hardee's 1st Promo set of 4 $19/Set
Hardee's 2nd Promo set of 7 (includes both surfboard figures) $29/Set
Hardee's 4th Promo set of 4 (Anita (loose), Benny, Alotta & Buster (still in bags with cards) $49/Set
Hardee's 5th Promo set of 4 (2001 set - marked CRMB on foot) $24/Set
1st Keychain set of 4 $19/Set
2nd Keychains -- Male or Female Singer or Sax Player $35/Ea.
2nd Keychains -- Saxophone with beret $49
Graduate Keychains $75/Ea
1st Commercial Issue set of 4 (includes eyes closed aqua glasses) $25/Set
1st Commercial Issue (Aqua Sunglasses - eyes visible) $29
2nd Commercial Issue set of 4 $45
Raisin club issue - (girl w/tambouring down) $15
Hip Guitarist (JIMI) $25
Sax player with beret $15
Blue surfboard connected to foot (vertical) $35
Beach Theme set of 4 $79/Set
Michael $25
Meet the Raisins 1st Edition (Rudy, Lick, Vanna, Piano player) $99/Set
Meet the Raisin 2nd Edition (Lenny $225 ea.) Or All 4 (Mom, Lenny, AC,& Cecil) $950/Set
Graduates on yellow bases (Saxophone or Blue Shoes) $75/Ea
Drummer $6/Ea
Character Refrigerator Magnets $45/Ea
45 RPM W/Picture Sleeve (Mint) - "I Heard It Throught The Grapevine" $10/Ea
45 RPM W/Picture Sleeve (Mint) - "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" $10/Ea
World Tour Cards (sealed pack) $2.50/Pk.
World Tour Cards (unopened box) $45/Box
World Tour Cards (1 complete set) $12/Set
New Member's Kit From Collector's Club in '88 with Watch Set $40
Gift Wrap (flat in plastic wrap) Blue or Purple Background $12 Ea
IBM Computer Game $18
Unusual Wall Display/Rack $165
Small pinback buttons (many different) $6/Ea
Plastic Keychains (Assorted) $6/Ea
Kid's Sleeping Bag (Mint in Vinyl Case) $45
Activity Book $12


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If you would like to order or ask a question about the CALRAB crazies, please E-mail us.

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